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It's the Fourth of July. The kids are splashing-it-up with their neighborhood friends in the pool, the adults are hanging around the fire pit, and the fireworks are exploding above your head. And the best part-you get to show off your beautiful, newly improved backyard to all your friends and family. Nothing makes an outdoor party or gathering more enjoyable than the surrounding atmosphere. The outdoors are an enjoyable place to create many summer memories with the family. From Independence Day, to birthday parties for the kids, to just enjoying the yard for yourself, your landscape lighting is one of the most important home improvement projects you can do.

Without proper landscape lighting, your backyard or front yard will be dull, dark, and un-seeable to all your guests. Lighting the outdoors is a nerve-racking task, because of the vast open space available. A common misconception is that it requires a professional and that it will break the bank. However, in this article you'll learn of some easy yet fashionable lights you can add yourself, and reasonably priced options for your backyard.

Why Brighten the Outdoors?

There are many different reasons you should light up the outdoors.
Safety. Having lights in your yard and on your pathways will help people avoid tripping.Security is also important. A well lit house will keep unwanted guests or animals away from your home.Utility of the backyard is crucial. If you have a nice, beautiful backyard-use it after the sun goes down.Beauty. Light up your yard at night. Show off your beautiful garden and other great features of your home even when it's dark.

First, successful landscape lighting requires a little bit of planning. Map out what you want your backyard to look like. This will also help you stick to a budget, and to not over or under buy on lights. When planning, try to determine what lights are right for your space. The best way to determine what kind of lights to get for your front yard or backyard is to walk outside and take a look at your backyard! By doing this, you can easily see which areas of your yard need the most light. This way you don't overload your outdoor space with intense brightness and end up making it look like a sporting arena.

Make sure you test your voltage when selecting lights. Voltage problems can lead to increased maintenance costs or poor operation. A lighting kit may be helpful to buy, but if you want a unique look in your yard, buy some individual lights to go with the kit, to create a more personal look.

What Should You Light?
PathwaysGardenTreesFountainsFront doorWalls/side of houseWater (pools, ponds, etc)BirdbathGazeboPatioPatio furniture
Different Types of Lights

Path Lights

Path lighting is perhaps the most crucial lighting you can get for your outdoor space. Dark pathways are very unsafe, and can cause injury from tripping over unseen things in your yard. If you have lots of rocks, boulders, shrubbery, or things people could easily trip over, you should really consider path lighting. Not only does it look nice, but it is also very practical for safety.

Underwater Lights

Obviously not everyone needs underwater lights. But for people with fountains, pools, or ponds, underwater lights are the best way to show off your water area. This is again another light that is good for safety as well as beautifying your home. If you want an idea to liven up your yard, try buying a colored underwater light. Colored underwater lights look beautiful in any yard, and will add a unique touch to the space.

Uplights and Floodlights

Uplights and floodlights are great items that can accent the best features of your yard. Uplights can illuminate your front door, or back entry way. If you have an area that needs a large amount of light, choose to place a floodlight there. Uplights can also be used to accent a tree or a favorite plant in the yard. To determine how many or where you want these lights, take a careful look at your yard when its light outside. Pick out three of your favorite features in the yard to accent. It may be a tree, a door, a fountain, a birdbath, a spa-the possibilities are endless. If you're finding that one uplight isn't enough to illuminate the object, try placing a group of uplights together, to create a brighter effect. Uplights are the best way to make key parts of your yard stand out.

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is one of the best and most eco-friendly ways to brighten your landscape. Solar powered lights charge during the day, and at night can stay illuminated for about eight hours. This is a great way to save money for years to come. Although they are friendly for the environment, they are sometimes not reliable. If they are placed in areas of the yard where they are shaded from the sunlight during the daytime, this probably is not the best option for your yard. These lights are completely reliable-as long as you have adequate bright light during the day. This is also a very "bank friendly" option. These lights tend to be pretty inexpensive, and they will never rack up the electricity bill.

Lamp Posts

Consider getting a lamp post for your yard. Lamp posts add a signature look to the exterior of your home. Place it near the front entryway to increase the light near the door, therefore increasing security for you and your family. Lamp posts are also a way to add personal style to your home and garden. There are many different types of lamp posts, and finding one to match the architecture of your home should not be difficult. They are reasonably priced items for the size, durability, life-span, and the amount of light they give off in your yard.

Conceal the fixtures. Try hiding them in the garden behind bushes and flowers.Subtle lighting is best. Don't over light.Use a timer.Don't point lights at the neighbor's house.Use lots of different lighting techniquesUse blue filters for moonlighting. Give a more realistic feel.Let voltage drop work to your advantage. Where you want dimmer lights, place them at the end of the cable, where they will naturally be more dimmer because of the placement on the cable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    i want to know how i go about geting rent for a lamp post in my garden and how much woulde you get a year,?

    • ANSWER:
      This is known as a "wayleave agreement" and usually applies to electric and telephone poles and I can see no reason why it would not apply to lamp posts.
      The post should belong to either the local council or road services- ask them ! The only thing that might spoil it for you is if a previous owner of your property made a one off agreement with them.(whoever owns the post)
      We get £21ish. for 1 pole and 1 stay on our property.

    lamp post in front garden ?
    My parents have just bought a new house but there is a lamp post in the middle of their front garden that their not too keen on, Obviously its a privately owned house and its on their land so can they tell the council to remove it

    • ANSWER:
      You can check the deeds to your house or consult the realtor for more advice on that.

    Dog who goes into panic if her lead goes near a lamp post... She's out of her collar /harness in seconds?
    We recued a dog 18 months ago, from day one on her first walk, we got to the shop, i went to tie her to a post, she wasn't going to be left alone, another person and another dog with us, she panicked and was free in seconds! doesn't run away, but has to get free... Pure panic on her face whilst its happening, she has obviously been treated badly tied up, but when walking her if the lead dares to go the other side of any type of post & go tight-she's out! Spoken to vets who say she's not under my control so exercise her in the garden only, but this is not ideal as we'd love to take her to the beach, she really is a beach babe! But she has had fights with another dog she lived with before us (Where she was badly treated) so really needs to be controlled as she may turn, she never has yet in 18 months but you never know. We've tries harnesses, dog seat belt, collars, just bought a head coller tonight online Any suggestions on what to use?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like she was tied to a post and abused before. The only way you can change that is with training. I dont mean training you can read about or get on line I can show you that sort of thing to get you stated on my web site helpful hints page under training and behavioral problems. Shell probably need more than that take her to a training center and have her evaluated by a trainier. The will be able to help her. As time goes on she will get better but not without training. I do lab rescue Ive seen it myself.

    I am currently trying to get into my garden?
    But the park keeper has locked up for the night.It's dark,and I'm a little scared.Thank goodness for the lamp post.
    Any suggestions?
    Gillon,you can borrow ours.Its the one with 'Council Parks Department' on the side.

    • ANSWER:
      dunno but I could sure do with borrowing a ride on mower for my acres of lawn

    I need to remove a Lamp Post (with underground wiring) that's in my front yard, who do I contact?
    I've tried searching the web, but most home and garden sites don't offer email questions, and I have no idea who to call or where to websearch. Do I need a to hire an electrical contractor?
    I've tried searching the web, but most home and garden sites don't offer email questions, and I have no idea who to call or where to websearch. Do I need a to hire an electrical contractor?

    This is a 15ft tall metal (victorian-ish)lamp post. It looks similar to what you'd see on a downtown city street. I need the post and the large cement block it's on removed. A fairly big job to do myself. and I do not have the tools/manpower to do it.

    Thanks to all in advance for your answers, I very much appreciate all the input. :)

    • ANSWER:
      I'll bet if you look at the bottom of the post, you will see an access plate for the wiring. Turn off the power, remove the plate, disconnect the wires and remove the post. If you will not be reusing the wiring, I would suggest an electrician to disconnect the wires inside the house.

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